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Iris’ Story
Iris is 72 and suffers with the early stages of Dementia. According to both her and her brother, attending the garden is the highlight of her week. Iris loves to chat and will do so for the whole session!
During lock-down her carer has visited three times a week but no one else … her brother lives 50 miles away. Iris has neither internet access nor a mobile phone and so she has had regular phone calls from us when her repeated question is, “When can I return to the Garden?” Iris uses community transport to attend the garden so we are hopeful that when that is re-established she will be back with us and enjoying her face-to-face chats once again.
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Jonathan’s Story
Jonathan is 30 and lives in a flat on his own – his family live in a different county and though he has ongoing anxiety and depression he is not receiving help from local services as his needs are not
deemed to be sufficiently severe. However, going out on his own, even to his local park, would be overwhelming for him. So we know he has been out very little unless he is desperate for shopping.
Jonathan’s sense of isolation has increased and his mood deteriorated. He tells us he longs to be back in the safety of the garden feeling productive.
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