From The Patchworking Garden Project (2016-2021)

After a tentative start, not knowing who were support volunteers and who were supported volunteers, I gradually got to know people.

It’s as little or as much as you like to do at the garden: You can sit and enjoy the bird song and take in the leafy green ambiance, or share tasks gardening or doing craft.

You tend to do more craft than gardening in the winter months. The rain doesn’t stop us though – soft Irish rain!

The craft work is quite diverse- carpentry, colouring books, pottery, making greeting cards, wood burning, badge making, making small creatures with polystyrene and felt.

I tried block painting quite recently and was once painting wooden tiles.

This butterfly installation was made using plastic bottle tops. It was great team work, collecting and punching holes in the tops and wiring them onto mesh on rose arch.

As for drawing and painting – I love drawing daffodils, and one year I showed these drawings in the Open Day Exhibition.

Patchworking has numerous craft ideas: – quilting, knitting, sewing. Last summer we were bending plywood to make bird and bee houses.

I’ve been learning how to weed – what a weed is and what isn’t.

Watering, planting seeds and potting out seedlings in the polytunnel. Planted a few flowers in the patchwork area, and subsequently broke a garden seat!

Refreshments: Coffees, teas and cake! Made Banana Bread for the session once or twice. Herbal teas – literally mint from the garden!

We do harvesting: runner beans, onions, marrows and tomatoes- some of which we can take home with us.

There is a willow house down by the raspberry canes. I’ve picked yellow raspberries even! A swing seat can also be enjoyed near the old prairie garden.

In the pond at spring time, there is frog spawn, and sometimes you see the odd frog or toad leaping about! We had an impromptu music session by the pond once.

Patchworking has organised bird watching sessions and competitions with the RSPB.

We’ve also had quiz nights at the United Reform Church, and walks in North Holmwood.

Work on the round house is still ongoing – we made shingles for the roof (wooden tiles).

Train Ticket Project for Lazy Susan. The Lazy Susan is the shape of a sun with radiating orange rays. This took almost 3 years to complete. I think mainly due to COVID.

Everybody was great collecting the tickets, and making the templates. Decided on a 4ft tabletop, used blue tack, then glue to stick tickets on to the tabletop. It now has the mechanism to move the top around in a circle, perfect for teas, coffees and cake.

A shed was painted and a willow house constructed.

I’ve particularly enjoyed book binding and tried to do demo on an Open Day.

Overall, it’s great to be out in the fresh air with people who can guide us, and others who feel empathy towards each other in a safe setting.

To those who are new at the garden, I would say – Hang on in there at the start, and your efforts will be worth it in the long run. It will pay off.

A big thank you goes out to all who were friendly and supportive towards me during these last 5 years.

Thank you for the leadership of Carmel and Mo too.

Stay safe, stay strong and stay well


If you’re interested in becoming a supported volunteer, get in touch then we can meet at the garden to see if it feels right for you.


Phone: 07814 544420